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Legacy® Canning Jars deliver amazing quality and performance at an unbeatable price – as much as 40% lower than the leading brand! Plus, two sides of the jar are blank so that you can apply brand and ingredient labels – a feature the leading brand can’t match. Jars include a two-piece vacuum seal lid that locks in freshness.

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Legacy Canning Jar Accessories

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Legacy Canning Jar Accessories

Whether you're in your first year or a veteran canner, you'll find the Canning Jar Accessories you're looking for. Plastic storage caps are perfect for refrigerator use and metal lids and bands help you store shelf goods. Wide mouth and standard size lids and discs are also available in our canning jar accessories section. Shop Now at

[img src=]Endurance® 20 Qt. Water Bath Canner w/7 Jar Canning Rack
<b>Price Each $84.95</b> This large 20 quart/19 liter stainless steel water bath canner features a tri-ply base for even heating and a tempered glass lid with built-in steam vent. The set includes the 7 jar canning rack which holds 7 quart or pint jars in the proper position for optimum hot water circulation.
[img src=]Endurance® 7 Jar Canning Rack
<b>Price Per Each $13.95</b> Holds 7 quart or pint jars in the proper position for optimum hot water circulation. The rack's design allows it to be raised and supported on the edge of the canning pot for easier jar removal. Made from dishwasher safe 18/8 stainless steel with polyethylene coated handles.
[img src=]Magnetic Lid Lifter
<b>Price Per Each $1.95</b> The magnetic lid lifter provides the best way to handle jar lids for either hot or cold pack canning methods. It features a magnetic tip at the end of the 7" handle which allows you to safely and easily pick up sterilized lids from boiling hot water. Hand washing recommended.
[img src=]Canning Jar Lifter
<b>Price Per Each $4.95</b> An essential tool to safely remove canning jars from hot water. Stay-cool plastic handles protect your hands while removing hot jars. Chromed steel tongs are PVC coated to provide a solid, secure grip while grabbing the lid or sides of a hot jar. Hand washing recommended.
[img src=]Canning Jar Opener
<b>Price Per Each $3.95</b> Save your strength! Open tight or sticky canning jar lids easily and safely with this easy grip jar opener. Made of PVC coated zinc plated steel, the handle is both comfortable and strong. Dishwasher safe.
[img src=]Endurance® Canning Ladle
<b>Price Per Each $9.95</b> Fill canning jars easily and quickly with this dual spout, 1-cup capacity ladle. Also great for serving soup, stew, hot cider or mulled wine. 12" long handle, 13.5" long overall. Dishwasher safe 18/8 stainless steel.
[img src=]Endurance® Canning Funnel
<b>Price Per Each $13.95</b> This large 18/8 stainless steel funnel has a 2.25" diameter spout and 5.12" top diameter that fits standard size canning jars. Dishwasher safe.
[img src=]Endurance® Wide Mouth Canning Funnel
<b>Price Per Each $14.95</b> The 70 mm (2.75") diameter neck opening on this funnel allows large food items to pass through easily when packing wide mouth canning jars. The flat rim with handles provide stability and an easy, secure grip. This funnel also functions great for filling canisters. Made of non-reactive, dishwasher safe 18/8 stainless steel.