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Canning food is as American as apple pie and The Star Spangled Banner.  Since the mid 1800’s Americans have been preserving and passing down cherished family recipes.  Many families pass along treasured, heirloom canning recipes, part of their family’s “Legacy”, from one generation to the next.  Legacy Canning Jars are proud to play a small role in PRESERVING YOUR MOST TREASURED RECIPIES.


 Legacy Advantages?

Modern canning jars appear nearly identical to their turn-of-the-century cousins.  Their charming, “old world” looks scream wholesome goodness.  Legacy Canning Jars emphasize compelling design, quality and functional features:


  • Quality you can see
    • Crystal clear glass appearance
    • Nearly invisible mold lines
    • Rich, distinctive “HERITAGE” embossed details
  • Two blank sides for labeling
    • Label jars for use in retail or capture your canning date
    • Both ounce and cup measurements are embossed on one jar side