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Intro to Canning Video, by Diane LaVonne


Water Bath Canning Cheat Sheet, by CAA members

Even if you’re just dipping your toe into home food preservation, you probably know there are several ways–freezing, drying and fermenting, to name a few–to “put up” food at its peak so you can enjoy after the season has passed. In this space, we talk mostly about preserving food in jars, either through the water bath or pressure canner method.

Maybe you’ve heard of mise en place, a French culinary term. Roughly translated, it means “put in place” and more broadly refers to getting organized in the kitchen with all necessary ingredients and tools for a particular dish. In canning, it is especially important to pull together your mise en place to ensure delicious and safe results.  Click here for full article

How to Host a Home Canning Party, by Kelly Ingram

Do you love fresh food and growing your own produce? Then learning to can is a great way to extend the enjoyment of the peak season into the winter months. If you grew up with a Mom or Granny that canned you probably know a great deal already. If this is all new to you, don’t worry it’s easy enough to learn. Once you have a few inexpensive items and learn the basics you’ll be ready to tackle almost anything you can dream up. Click here for full article