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When to Go & How To Pick Your Own:

Each month brings the availability of a different fruit or vegetable . Remember, it varies on location, varieties planted, and weather conditions, so always call the farm before the earliest date below so you don’t miss the season!

Here are some typical U.S. dates for a few common crops, the South will be the earlier end, and the North, the latter:

  • March – April: Asparagus
  • May-June:strawberries
  • June- July:cherries
  • June-August: blueberries, blackberries
  • July-September: peaches, figs, tomatoes, green beans
  • July-October:raspberries
  • August– Figs, Fall raspberries start, early apples
  • September-October: apples and grapes
  • October: late apples, Pumpkins
  • December: Christmas trees

Looking for pick your own farms near you?

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